About Us

The International House Institute (IHI) is a prestigious training centre situated in a major commercial district in Kuwait. We provide a wide variety of academic and professional training courses for clients throughout the Middle East.

We deliver performance-orientated and cost-effective training for individuals, corporate and the public sector businesses. Our workshops, business certificates and diploma programs help employees at levels and from many different types of organization realize their professional and personal goals by offering learning opportunities that are flexible, responsive and innovative.

If you are interested in professional training with great future potential in any of the following areas; business, management, human resources, banking & finance, Interior design, sales & marketing, computer graphics, and languages, we may have a training spot open for you.

The Standard we offer, prepare you for certification!


International House Institute for Private Training and Education is a part of AL ZAHEM INTERNATIONAL GROUP - Kuwait.

AL ZAHEM INTERNATIONAL GROUP was established in 1991 to provide the Oil, Energy & Industrial Sectors in Kuwait with Specialty Products and Services.

The International House Institute (IHI) is a high quality standard training provider in Kuwait. We provide a wide variety of professional training fields. Our creative training methodology support our clients’’ in achieving success and reaching their goals. We deliver performance-oriented and cost-effective training to individual and small businesses, as well as corporate, government.

Our workshops, business training, and certificate programs help employees of all levels and from all types of organizations attain their professional and personal goals by offering learning opportunities that are flexible, responsive, and innovative.

We are dedicated to bringing quality education & training services on bar with international standards. This by putting better learning and teaching at the heart of what we do. Providing a professional education and training services to ensure the full competency of our clients in their specialized fields, and for the continuing improvement of training and standards.

IHI team is dedicated professionals who bring their practical experiences into our learning environment.

During these years we developed an absolute feeling of commitment to provide world-class training and career development for both student and organizations. Our instructors deliver course material that help students understand concepts, implementation and support procedures.