General Manager Message

With many years of dedication and experience, we have created our position in the top of providing high quality training to all kind of clients (Corporate, Government & Individuals). IHI holds the highest reputation for its training courses within the State of Kuwait.

It is essential that training reflects the needs of every type of industry, and it is with this knowledge we work to provide everyone with the ability to learn and succeed in their chosen field of study.

Our vision for training is not just to have the latest, most modern learning facilities within a prestige location in the State of Kuwait, but also give our clients the chance to improve and enhance their professional training skills.

Once you visit IHI, you will find a wide variety of training programs and courses to improve your skills. IHI is linked closely with internationally recognized organizations, so you can be sure that any training program delivered will be accredited by international accredited bodies.

Hopefully you will find a solution to your training needs, looking forward to join our unique training programs.

Karima Salama